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Yes World Token Release and Usability Projects

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* YesWorld- World Biggest Crypto Revolution *

About Us

YesWorld is on a world's biggest mission and it is to save our planet earth. It is mainly working on green technology.

The First Ever Radiant heat barrier Is developed & designed By NASA for Space Suits Worn By Astronauts and it is called 'Inflector’.

According to research and scientists our earth will die by 2040 due to Global warming.

Through this miracle product 'Inflector' we can save our earth.

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Introduction - Hear out the

YES Value Propositions from Donna - YES Brand Ambassador

Our Revolutionary Technology

The Green Technology Product to Reduce Carbon Footprint from Earth's Atmosphere

YES WORLD Token Utility Sectors

A utility token offers a specific utility within a decentralized application. For example, the token may grant token holders the right to use the Utilities.

Green Technology

one of the most well-known "green Technology”


Use Yes Token and crypto on Travelling


Crypto vacations are becoming popular in India


Use Yes Token or crypto on Mobile Recharge


Cryptocurrency and Blockchain can provide this


Any time Yes Token can use for retail


Entertainment crypto currencies seek to reward users


Get the good by yes token and crypto


Crypto currencies are connected with health

Real Estate

Blockchain is poised to give the real estate


Crypto are digital that use blockchain technology


Learn Crypto is a free education platform


Insurance sector is wide


Banking is a newer concept, describes how people interact with cryptocurrency


Digital advertisement is key for all businesses

Our Roadmap

A roadmap is a high-level visual summary that helps map out the vision as well as the direction.

YES WORLD : Live Utility Services

Through this portal any can book flights domestic and internationals, Hotels, Buses and Cabs.

Recharge Portal

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the objects of this token?

Yes World token is supports to innovative startups companies, through our first startup Inflector we want to save our planet earth through Inflector solar heat barrier. Also Yes world token will be a world's biggest utility token.

How Inflector DOES IT WORK?

Inflector Solar Shades Are Installed As Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Fixed Frames, Or Permanent Fixtures To Reduce Glare, Air Infiltration Or Exfiltration, And Prevent UV Rays Penetration. The Reflective Surface Acts As A Shield Or Barrier Against Heat, While The Reverse Dark Side Absorbs And Retains It. So, The Reflective Surface Keeps It Cool Inside When It's Hot Outside. And The Dark Side Keeps It Warm Inside When It's Cold Outside.

We've All Been following Indoor Health Protocols And Become Conscious About Our Well-being Lately, Right? In Flector Makes Sure You Are Protected And Your Indoor Environment Is Nourishing.

Our Solar Shades work differently but equally well, depending on the weather. They are removable and reversible, addressing all of the seasonal changes for year-round comfort.

What is the Token Global sale start date?

Yes World Token global sale will start from 24 April 2024.

How may i take part in Yes World?

You can join our staking program before global sale start.



Our Distribution

Crypto distribution is a simple Drupal 8 distribution for building a comprehensive list of live market capitalization data, charts and prices

Token Allocation

Token Lock and Release System

Founders tokens lock-in period of three years after 3 years only 5% will release on monthly basis.
Company will not sell any tokens on exchange, only staking program holders can sell on exchanges. Company can sell 2% tokens on yearly basis after global launch

Featured In

YesWorld Biggest Mission has been covered by leading national and International media. Yes World's mission has been widely covered by all news agencies, some of the top highlights are below.

Featured in Magazines

10+ National and International Awards


The Mission Team

Dr. Sandeep Choudhary
Promotor & Co-founder
Mr. George Krugman
Head, Product and Ventures
Mr. Amit Kharkhda
Co-founder, Head of Business Development, Head Finance
Mr. Praveen Kherwal
Co-founder, Head - Strategy, Product Management and International Operations
Mr Paul Crissle
Head, Digital Marketing and Sales Operations
Ms. Carrie Agnesia
Head, Branding and Community Operations

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